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Of Women…and Men! August 26, 2010

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Yesterday I was lucky to start watching The Godfather series. It portrays the typical life  of a Sicilian mafia family in USA. Basically the Godfather (in this case, Don Vito Corleone and later Michael Corleone) is the head of the family who has lots of powerful contacts which he uses for giving favours to friends of his. Favours, as in, killing the guys who raped his friend’s daughter or bribing an employer by killing their favourite animal to give job to the Don’s friend. Well, basically that’s the story. The role of the women in this film is…. Oh, wait the women don’t do anything except cook and bear children. As Don Vito Corleone quotes, “I spent my life not being careless, women and children are careless.” So 2010! To give credit to the men in the film, they are very protective. In fact when one of the Corleone brothers notices his sister is being hit by her husband, he hits him back and eventually he kills him. Also, they were very romantic. For a first date Michael Corleone gives his future-wife a gold necklace. A GOLD necklace!

Anyways, back to the women-are-careless business. Although it’ a comment quoted in a 1972 film, it still holds for some men today. Yesterday is a case in point. While I was parking there was a car waiting behind me since it was quite a narrow parking lot. After I succeeded (after a short while) parking between two cars by using reverse, the guy in the car gave me the thumbs up sign! It seemed as if he was surprised I parked a car in reverse! It’s though driving is for men only and women are bad drivers! I went to a driving school everyone and I learnt the same stuff, like most men. On the other hand men should know how to do ‘women stuff’ like cooking and taking care of children. All one has to do is learn if they are given the opportunity. There’s nothing extra-ordinary in changing a nappy or feeding a child!

In other words, if given the opportunity, both men and women can succeed in doing the same things. Women are not frail,  vulnerable and stupid anymore and men are not considered as the main bread-winners anymore. Both sexes should work together to achieve a balanced way of life where everyone shares roles, especially in the family. Thus, I shall be able to tell Don Vito Corleone that his quote is so 1972! 😉


Breton Quiche August 24, 2010

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And here is my Breton Quiche cooling down on the hob. I’ve been making this recipe for years now and it’s my family’s favourite. I add onions and bacon but you can add whatever ingredient you want. Off to eat now.



Why oh why?! August 20, 2010

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Why oh why do we Maltese have to copy others?! I am posting this blog post since I am totally baffled by the way Maltese TV totally copies foreign TV programmes. Earlier today I was watching Malta’s Top Model. Rings a bell? No?! Let me remind you. America’s Next Top Model? Britain’s Next Top Model? Yes? Right! Maybe the title is a bit similar but the content must surely not be the same. Well, yes the content is the same. The set is the same. The judges are the same. There is even a gay who looks like a lady as part of the judgement team. The top model judge even calls out the names of the winners by giving the ‘models’ photos. The differences between America’s Next Top Model and Malta’s Top Model are these, the judge is not really a top model like Tyra Banks or a fashion idol like Twiggy! The gay judges are wanna-be gays who want to be so like Miss J. or better, ‘sooooo like Miss J.!” (in a flutter-of-eyelashes way). Can’t Maltese be original? I would have preferred a fashion programme. And no, not a Maltese fashion programme where we get to see different fashion outlets where the owner became a fashion specialist overnight and is an expert in fashion they bring from Afghanistan or some weird country. We want to know what’s the fashion in London, Paris, Rome and how we can imitate their dress sense without having to empty our pockets. Also, why not use beautiful Maltese women who are not  skinny but a common size 12-14? Ah well, thank God I’m not some producer or that sort of thing!

Anyways, next month Ady will be arriving from France, la belle France! I loved France and the mussels they cook are just heaven on earth. Here’s a picture of them. These ones were with their traditional sausages..YUM!

I will definitely go to Bretagne again to have another taste of them; their taste is still on my tastebuds and I can feel their smooth texture and the taste of the sea! MMMMM! They also have really good desserts , creme brulee being one of my favourite. So Ady is coming next month and am planning our itinerary in Malta, although he will be spending most of his time with his family since I will be seeing him a week after he London. I am already planning MY itinerary in London since I received a voucher from Selfridges to which I haven’t been to since I was 15, that is 9 years ago. Gosh, I’m going to be 25 next month! Well, I feel age is not important right now since I’m enjoying what I have to the full. My grandma tells me to remain young but I guess it’s what one feels inside and not how many wrinkles you have. Having said that, mature people also should try out modelling and model for clothes for people their own age. Why not? Which brings me to another TV show idea….. This will never stop will it? I’ll stick to my job for the time being and focus on what I know doing. I’ll leave TV productions for others.

Bye for now. Bisous.


Rock anthem for mums March 21, 2010

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I love Roald Dahl!! March 10, 2010

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Yes, yes , yes!! I just love Roald Dahl. I have a very limited collection of his books. I’ve got children’s books and adult ones. I love them both. Dahl is so witty and descriptive. He has such a knowledge of the human body and can describe in detail a body part and emotions. Right now I’m reading The Great Automatic Grammatizator which is absolutely brilliant. Dahl writes short stories so I don’t get bored reading, even though if a book is good I’ll read it, even if it means that I won’t sleep at night. He’s such an idol for me as I would like to write something sometimes. For my dissertation I wanted to write a story but my supervisor didn’t let me since it is a Masters level proposal :(.  Someday, someday….

I finished writing my essay on Pinocchio, which I really enjoyed. I simply enjoyed reading through books and papers. Learning can be fun if you are passionate about the subject! It is interesting to note that Pinocchio was written for a reason: for the people of Italy at the time the book was written. Collodi wanted the people to be educated, hence the importance he gives to schooling. He also wanted them to be good citizens and we see a lot of advice that the cricket gives to Pinocchio to be a good citizen. Last and not least is the strong correlation of the book with the Bible; from the Creation to the symbolism of evil (snakes mostly). I loved Pinocchio and just loved criticising it.

One can also criticise and scrutinise Roald Dahl, whom I think reflects the ego-powered male in his stories. The man is always the one whom women love and the one who breaks their hearts. He is powerful and intelligent. Sometimes he gives these powers to the women but as traditional authors do, the women is the ‘baddie’, as we can see in The Witches and James and the Giant Peach which are typical examples of how Roald Dahl can give a nasty character to a female. Although I’m saying this, I still love Roald Dahl. Nothing can put me off his writing, not even Revolting Recipes (which are really creative and original). He’s the best writer children will ever encounter.

Dahl is a classic author but I think there are really good books for children nowadays, like for example Jaqueline Wilson’s, J.K. Rowling’s and Jeremy Strong’s, which my class children love. Nowadays books have beautiful pictures and attractive to read. I doubt that the plots are as good but I have to read one of them before I judge. I must admit that Rowling is very effective and her books have already become classics. I think the trick to write a good book is to be innovative and very descriptive. To be descriptive one has to study a lot before even writing. This is shown in Dahl’s books where everything is described in detail, so in detail that sometimes I used to question whether the book was written by a doctor due to its detailed description of the body.

My dreams:

1. to write a short story

2. visit the Roald Dahl Museum, which I will once I’ll move in 🙂

3. one person only knows about it 🙂

Bye for now!! 🙂


Change March 4, 2010

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It’s soon Spring. Change is in the air. It’s funny that, like nature, we change. Experiences make us grow. It’s the bad ones which make us grow. So, unfortunately, we have to go through not-so-nice experiences to grow and mature (hopefully). My thoughts and philosophies are completely changed. Books, essays, papers that I read a decade ago seem to make a different meaning to me. I understand them differently. I am able to connect them more to my life now.


Decisions, decisions! February 23, 2010

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Ah, I just hate that word. Decisions! Isn’t it difficult being an adult and taking decisions?! When I was young my big decisions were to buy or not buy a dress, to go or not go out or, should I go out with him or him? Ah, those were the days! My present decisions are, should I or shouldn’t I continue studying, where will I go to study and how much am I going to save to move in to UK? Although I hate deciding, it’s good to have a challenge in my life.  Till now I’m proud to say I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made even though some may think that my decisions were drastic. I tend to do that a lot! I think life is worth risking. You only get one life in a lifetime!

Talking about decisions, this week I was told to do an essay on any children’s story I wanted to. Since my dissertation was about stories, I was aware that children’s stories were written to pass on a message to children and adults likewise. I had read in my under-grad that Little Red Riding Hood was quite explicit when it was written and that it talked about rape. It’s clear to me now that I’ve read about it. The wolf symbolises the man who rapes girls. Although it may seem that Little Red Riding Hood is an innocent girl, the original author portrayed the girl as provocative. In fact, early drawings of the story show the girl as provocative to the wolf. This leaves much to say and discuss although I’m not going to do that since it’s been a while since I read Jack Zipes’ book from where I got this knowledge.

Now for this essay I chose to criticise Pinocchio’s story. At first I thought that I would not find what to say but in fact the story has a lot of symbolism. The first one was the image of Geppetto (Pinocchio’s father). He is portrayed as the creator of the wooden, talking puppet. Although he’s the creator, Pinocchio escapes from home to have a bit of fun instead of going to school. For me this is a clear example that the author used Geppetto to symbolise God and Pinocchio to symbolise humans. It is a fact that in the Holy Bible, Man decides to choose pleasure over God’s instructions or conscience. There is another time when Pinocchio goes against his father’s instructions, that being choosing a puppet show over school. Poor Pinocchio always had to make decisions, but don’t we too? For us it may seem that Pinocchio’s decision was an easy one to make. But don’t we all judge people who are making decisions all the time? It may seem simple but it rarely is. It’s not easy choosing to go to work instead of waking up late and call work to make up an excuse about your dead grandma who died during the night. We are all the time making choices, some are easy to make and some aren’t.  Pinocchio was naive in a way since he couldn’t see the consequences of his behaviour. Yet.

So, even if you think you have made a bad choice, that bad choice will teach you how to make hundreds of good choices in your life as long as you learn from that bad choice. Simple no? 😉