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Hello world! February 14, 2010

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Yep! Hello world. All of the world can actually see my blog! Whoa! When I was 10 my only connection with the world was a  British pen-pal which my mother recommended to practice my English (by the way her written English was really bad!). Now my 7-year old pupils already have MSN and they even tried adding me on Facebook! They know how to use a PC well and sometimes they even recommend ME what to do when I have a problem with my class PC.  Why, I’m realising I’m getting old now!

Well, let me tell you world a bit about myself. I’m a 24-year old girl/lady/woman who works mainly as a primary teacher. I have 24 girls in my class… yes GIRLS! No, they’re not as talkative as people think. Yes, they are one hell of gossipers and yes they’re adorable! I also lecture 16 year olds (who didn’t pass their ‘O’ levels)  in the evening which I enjoy. It’s the change of environment, the jokes we share and the still-childlike attitude of these 16-year old students I enjoy most. What I’ve learnt most in this lecturing position is that our educational system needs a makeover (sounds more interesting than a ‘change in the curriculum’), that certain students are more disadvantaged than others and that males talk much more than girls during class, really!

Well, as one can see I’m quite passionate about education. It’s education which brought me here. It’s education which brought you to read this blog. And it’s education which makes up most of every person in the world. Lack of education: lame job. Qualifications: a chance for a person to have a decent job. It’s sad but it’s reality. That’s all about education, pupils and the lot. Off to my fabulous life.

No, I’m not a popstar or something of that sort. I’m just a girl who appreciates life as it is. Right now I’m planning to move to UK (which I love!) with my boyfriend, Ady (who’s a researcher/lecturer/musician/Phd candidate…). I am currently looking for a Masters course and also for a job. I never thought that looking for a job in a huge country like UK would be such a pain. Sometimes I forget that London only is much bigger than Malta and that competition is much more than here. Well, hopefully I’ll get there someday. Apart from London we’re also thinking about Scotland getting  in our prospective future since Ady may have a post there (will keep you posted about that). I’m so excited about everything! Can’t wait to have a place of our own and have a coffee machine in our kitchen (I’m obsessed with getting one of those machines where you get to do your own froth and most importantly espresso). I love decorating, so that would be one of my looking-forward-to lists. I’ve never been to Scotland, so if we manage to go there it would be one hell of a ‘Jojo and Ady adventure’! Enough of my future because I’ll bore you to death with my imagination. This weekend? Oh yes, this weekend. It was Valentine’s weekend and also carnival (which I didn’t care about).

Ady and myself went to Gozo for a romantic weekend which started off with hell as there was a ridiculous queue of Maltese cars trying to go on the Gozo boat. We had to walk for about 2 km to get to the boat. Anyways, I was the chef for the weekend. On Friday mum got us some delicious ftiras (which are Ady’s favourite). On Saturday I cooked for Ady (and only Ady) some chinese duck with pancakes and a chocolate fondant. One word: heavenly! The fondant was cakey from the outside but melting as soon as we pierced it with our forks. Definitely will try that recipe again (I use the Olive BBC website, yum).

I’m off now since my bed is calling me from my room, jooooooo come here! I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep you posted soon!



10 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. annmucc Says:

    Looking forward to you coming to London and cooking for US as well!

    • hell yes! looking forward for that too! i just love cooking!!! say hi to michael although i can’t find a way to follow his blog 😦

      • annmucc Says:

        Hmm – you would have to ask him :P. I use google reader to follow people, so I just copy and past the blog wed address and I get the blog posts all in one place.

  3. ah ok….let me see if i can do that 🙂 thanks ann 🙂

  4. adytrevisan Says:

    mmm looksl ike we are becoming addicted to the blog world

  5. hehe now trying to get used to google reader 🙂

  6. ok google reader is cooool! thanks 🙂

  7. Michael Says:

    Hey there! Welcome to the blogosphere! Good luck with the blogging – it’s a fun way of having an outlet for what you do and think but you can use it for anything.

    When I have moved to a new country (and I’ve been through four countries over the last six years) I always start out by finding a bunch of local bloggers. A couple of times I have met up with people whos blog I’ve been reading for a while, sometimes years and it has always been a great experience.

    A good place to find interesting bloggers in a location is to look for expat bloggers. People who have moved from somewhere else and write about their experience in their (and your) new hometown. A number of expat bloggers have listed themselves in Expat Blog so that’s a good place to start.

    Good luck!

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