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Private emotions February 15, 2010

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Howdy everyone!

No I’m not going to talk about hunky Ricky Martin and his song ‘Private Emotion’. It’s just I was wandering in Youtube and came along this song and starting philosophising about it (as usual). Are we private anymore? Nowadays we are lucky that we have Facebook, Twitter and the lot to find our long lost friends. We can all see their photos and we know what they’re up to. Last Saturday we were talking about someone who did something and we were asked how we know all these gossips! Simple answer: Facebook. We aren’t private anymore! This week I went to school really tired (you know, girly stuff) and my teacher assistant was like, “Ah, Joanne you drank a lot yesterday!” I was like, “No!”. After I realised I wrote on Facebook the day before that I was having cocktails with Ady. Unbelievable! There is a limit what to write on your wall on Facebook but I think that sometimes it’s better not to write anything so that no assumptions are made by your ‘friends’. I put friends in inverted commas because, really, are the people we add on Facebook our real friends? In my case no. Most of my ‘friends’ are just acquaintances and haven’t talked to them or seen them in ages! Well yes I’m human too and I am curious to what people I know are up to! Since Ady and myself have common students we decided not to tell them that we’re an item and we also decided not to add them on Facebook. I could already imagine our students browsing through our private photos and giggling behind our backs! Thank you but no thank you! On the other hand we’ve got nothing to hide but the teaching profession is a profession after all and I respect that to the full! That’s all about private emotions for today.

On a more non-philosophical tone, I spent this evening with Ady and his family (which is always entertaining). We spoke about Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog which I’m following at the moment (no comment regarding that!) and Ady’s parents cooked some wonderful canneloni. Obviously I asked for the recipe (well, you have to cook what your man’s mum cooks when we move in together). I use two main websites for cooking, them being and Why oh why do I end up talking about food?! It’s a hobby which I do with passion and love. When love gets in the way, nothing can go wrong (uuuuu how romantic!) Thinking of love, I love my bed which is calling me! You didn’t know? I have a magical bed which talks to me when it’s bedtime and wakes me up when it’s morning.

Going, going, GONE!

Private emotion 🙂


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