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Look at me! I’m Famous! February 18, 2010

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No, I’m not famous. Not yet, anyways. Right now I’m hooked on to DCG’s blog. Those who are Maltese know to whom I’m referring. She’s pasting nasty pictures of famous people on her blog. Brilliant! I just love gossiping! Now we can see asses and bosoms of certain high-status Maltese people. Ah, so they party and drink like we do! They even have affairs and hear hear, make mistakes! So what, one asks? I remember in my good old days (ok, not so old) we used to use to word ‘idol’ or ‘pop idol’. It meant that we saw popstars or famous people as ideal people, therefore, we wanted to live the same life as they lived, that being, having fun, money to swim in and partying all the time. We never mentioned the paparazzi, stress and long hours of work they required to be famous. There was another downside. Their lives was one hell of an open book. They can’t move without paps taking photos of them in Hollywood, L.A and maybe in a posh holiday destination. Not Malta! Do we see paps in Malta? No, unless maybe when Sean Connery comes to Malta (which is rare and which he does with discretion). But here we’re talking about politicians and the lot taking photos of themselves and putting them on, yes you guessed, Facebook! In a way, the paparazzi are the ‘pop idols’ themselves. That’s where I get frustrated. They’re professionals for God’s sake! I’m a professional myself and be careful what to do in public nowadays. I cringe when I see my 16-year old students in Paceville (which I started avoiding). Ok, I don’t show my behinds like there was shown in DCG’s blog but I still feel uncomfortable. As a professional I have to show that I’m serious in what I do, everywhere! I don’t go around wearing transparent garments for a lecture. Case in point tonight. Yes, a professional (very high in education) was wearing a transparent top, with her bra strap falling off during a lecture. I remember during my uni days that we had a talk from another professional high up (higher this time) in education. She was preaching what to wear for an interview. Her shirt was a tad size too small and her lacy, white bra was showing. My friend and I were utterly disgusted. Even the guys were- it wasn’t a sexy view! That’s what comes with being a professional. You get criticised all the time. You get people whom their job is to scrutinise you all the time. Us teachers get that alot from parents, especially when there is more than one class in a grade. You either stick with it or leave it. Simple! But please if professionals want to take photos of themselves having a blast of a time during a private (hopefully) party, they keep the photos to themselves. Simple! Well, maybe not so simple to people who have degrees and masters!

On a lighter note, Ady and I went to a lecture tonight which was quite good (except that I had to bear with the high-in-education lady who kept fixing her bra strap which was slipping off and which I could see from her transparent top). Ah, the south is beautiful. We rarely go there nowadays. Since today was a warm day, we could enjoy the warm breeze in Kalkara while we walked near the boats. Simply delightful! I’ll miss Malta a little bit so I’m enjoying these little moments which in UK you can’t really enjoy. I met an old friend of mine and a lecturer who kept giving me advice what to do when I move to UK. He also talked to Ady and started giving HIM advice. Ah, adults adults! Well, I must be off to my talking bed since tomorrow is quite busy with lectures and errands.


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