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Teaching vs. Lecturing February 19, 2010

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Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a lecture about concept mapping. It was quite interesting as it gave me a new perspective of how to show text to students. Concept maps consist of breaking down text and drawing a map with concepts and link words between them. It’s quite a good idea. My mind started running with ideas of how I could apply them to my students (both primary and post-secondary). As I started thinking, I noticed the huge difference of the amount of preparation it required to organise a concept map session. With children I had to prepare loads of work, these including pictures, flash cards, strings, etc.. With young adults it was enough just showing them a concept map and more or less they would be able to build it on their own by using just a paper and pen.

Lecturing is quite different than teaching. In fact there’s a huge difference in these two modes of passing on knowledge. When I was during my under-grad IT course (which I changed after a year) I used to sit and listen to lectures where discussion and questioning were limited or not accepted. If I didn’t understand I used to go home or the library and look up books to study and understand the subject more. THAT is lecturing. Reading for a degree is intended for mature students who are capable of studying by themselves. We never complained that we didn’t understand. Like I said, if we didn’t understand we researched about that particular subject. I think that some students who are doing an under-grad are way spoon-fed! They go to university and expect the lecturer to explain a topic like us teachers do. Some topics are too vast and too complicated to do so. It is the student’s duty to research about it. I am not saying that a lecturer should not explain something which a student did not understand, but, before doing so the student should do his utmost to research about the subject and try to understand. My point is that a student shouldn’t complain that a lecturer isn’t doing his duty. They should do their duty first before judging a lecturer. I am saying so since I have heard students complain about other lectures going on at the faculty.

I’ll continue this argument tonight till I have to go and give out a lecture myself! Ah, the joy of lecturing!


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