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Decisions, decisions! February 23, 2010

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Ah, I just hate that word. Decisions! Isn’t it difficult being an adult and taking decisions?! When I was young my big decisions were to buy or not buy a dress, to go or not go out or, should I go out with him or him? Ah, those were the days! My present decisions are, should I or shouldn’t I continue studying, where will I go to study and how much am I going to save to move in to UK? Although I hate deciding, it’s good to have a challenge in my life.  Till now I’m proud to say I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made even though some may think that my decisions were drastic. I tend to do that a lot! I think life is worth risking. You only get one life in a lifetime!

Talking about decisions, this week I was told to do an essay on any children’s story I wanted to. Since my dissertation was about stories, I was aware that children’s stories were written to pass on a message to children and adults likewise. I had read in my under-grad that Little Red Riding Hood was quite explicit when it was written and that it talked about rape. It’s clear to me now that I’ve read about it. The wolf symbolises the man who rapes girls. Although it may seem that Little Red Riding Hood is an innocent girl, the original author portrayed the girl as provocative. In fact, early drawings of the story show the girl as provocative to the wolf. This leaves much to say and discuss although I’m not going to do that since it’s been a while since I read Jack Zipes’ book from where I got this knowledge.

Now for this essay I chose to criticise Pinocchio’s story. At first I thought that I would not find what to say but in fact the story has a lot of symbolism. The first one was the image of Geppetto (Pinocchio’s father). He is portrayed as the creator of the wooden, talking puppet. Although he’s the creator, Pinocchio escapes from home to have a bit of fun instead of going to school. For me this is a clear example that the author used Geppetto to symbolise God and Pinocchio to symbolise humans. It is a fact that in the Holy Bible, Man decides to choose pleasure over God’s instructions or conscience. There is another time when Pinocchio goes against his father’s instructions, that being choosing a puppet show over school. Poor Pinocchio always had to make decisions, but don’t we too? For us it may seem that Pinocchio’s decision was an easy one to make. But don’t we all judge people who are making decisions all the time? It may seem simple but it rarely is. It’s not easy choosing to go to work instead of waking up late and call work to make up an excuse about your dead grandma who died during the night. We are all the time making choices, some are easy to make and some aren’t.  Pinocchio was naive in a way since he couldn’t see the consequences of his behaviour. Yet.

So, even if you think you have made a bad choice, that bad choice will teach you how to make hundreds of good choices in your life as long as you learn from that bad choice. Simple no? 😉


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