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I love Roald Dahl!! March 10, 2010

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Yes, yes , yes!! I just love Roald Dahl. I have a very limited collection of his books. I’ve got children’s books and adult ones. I love them both. Dahl is so witty and descriptive. He has such a knowledge of the human body and can describe in detail a body part and emotions. Right now I’m reading The Great Automatic Grammatizator which is absolutely brilliant. Dahl writes short stories so I don’t get bored reading, even though if a book is good I’ll read it, even if it means that I won’t sleep at night. He’s such an idol for me as I would like to write something sometimes. For my dissertation I wanted to write a story but my supervisor didn’t let me since it is a Masters level proposal :(. Β Someday, someday….

I finished writing my essay on Pinocchio, which I really enjoyed. I simply enjoyed reading through books and papers. Learning can be fun if you are passionate about the subject! It is interesting to note that Pinocchio was written for a reason: for the people of Italy at the time the book was written. Collodi wanted the people to be educated, hence the importance he gives to schooling. He also wanted them to be good citizens and we see a lot of advice that the cricket gives to Pinocchio to be a good citizen. Last and not least is the strong correlation of the book with the Bible; from the Creation to the symbolism of evil (snakes mostly). I loved Pinocchio and just loved criticising it.

One can also criticise and scrutinise Roald Dahl, whom I think reflects the ego-powered male in his stories. The man is always the one whom women love and the one who breaks their hearts. He is powerful and intelligent. Sometimes he gives these powers to the women but as traditional authors do, the women is the ‘baddie’, as we can see in The Witches and James and the Giant Peach which are typical examples of how Roald Dahl can give a nasty character to a female. Although I’m saying this, I still love Roald Dahl. Nothing can put me off his writing, not even Revolting Recipes (which are really creative and original). He’s the best writer children will ever encounter.

Dahl is a classic author but I think there are really good books for children nowadays, like for example Jaqueline Wilson’s, J.K. Rowling’s and Jeremy Strong’s, which my class children love. Nowadays books have beautiful pictures and attractive to read. I doubt that the plots are as good but I have to read one of them before I judge. I must admit that Rowling is very effective and her books have already become classics. I think the trick to write a good book is to be innovative and very descriptive. To be descriptive one has to study a lot before even writing. This is shown in Dahl’s books where everything is described in detail, so in detail that sometimes I used to question whether the book was written by a doctor due to its detailed description of the body.

My dreams:

1. to write a short story

2. visit the Roald Dahl Museum, which I will once I’ll move in πŸ™‚

3. one person only knows about it πŸ™‚

Bye for now!! πŸ™‚


8 Responses to “I love Roald Dahl!!”

  1. annmucc Says:

    Where is the Roald Dahl Museum? Not in London right?

  2. nope. it’s in Buckinghamshire if I’m not mistaken. Here’re the site :

  3. victoria grech Says:

    May ALL your dreams come true!! xx

  4. Bernard Says:

    I love roald dahl also. Especially starting with his childrens’ books which had got me so hooked when i was young!

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