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Of Women…and Men! August 26, 2010

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Yesterday I was lucky to start watching The Godfather series. It portrays the typical life  of a Sicilian mafia family in USA. Basically the Godfather (in this case, Don Vito Corleone and later Michael Corleone) is the head of the family who has lots of powerful contacts which he uses for giving favours to friends of his. Favours, as in, killing the guys who raped his friend’s daughter or bribing an employer by killing their favourite animal to give job to the Don’s friend. Well, basically that’s the story. The role of the women in this film is…. Oh, wait the women don’t do anything except cook and bear children. As Don Vito Corleone quotes, “I spent my life not being careless, women and children are careless.” So 2010! To give credit to the men in the film, they are very protective. In fact when one of the Corleone brothers notices his sister is being hit by her husband, he hits him back and eventually he kills him. Also, they were very romantic. For a first date Michael Corleone gives his future-wife a gold necklace. A GOLD necklace!

Anyways, back to the women-are-careless business. Although it’ a comment quoted in a 1972 film, it still holds for some men today. Yesterday is a case in point. While I was parking there was a car waiting behind me since it was quite a narrow parking lot. After I succeeded (after a short while) parking between two cars by using reverse, the guy in the car gave me the thumbs up sign! It seemed as if he was surprised I parked a car in reverse! It’s though driving is for men only and women are bad drivers! I went to a driving school everyone and I learnt the same stuff, like most men. On the other hand men should know how to do ‘women stuff’ like cooking and taking care of children. All one has to do is learn if they are given the opportunity. There’s nothing extra-ordinary in changing a nappy or feeding a child!

In other words, if given the opportunity, both men and women can succeed in doing the same things. Women are not frail,  vulnerable and stupid anymore and men are not considered as the main bread-winners anymore. Both sexes should work together to achieve a balanced way of life where everyone shares roles, especially in the family. Thus, I shall be able to tell Don Vito Corleone that his quote is so 1972! 😉


8 Responses to “Of Women…and Men!”

  1. “Oh, wait the women don’t do anything except cook and bear children. As Don Vito Corleone quotes, “I spent my life not being careless, women and children are careless.”

    Well its Godfather ( a man’s movie) .. if you where after some hollywood glitch with Ladies having “maleish roles” … then watch some cheap romance movies! … remember Godfather is a piece of history .. and you can’t really say its a sexist movie , its a movie for MEN… so even the fact you watched it was a complete benefit ( but you cannot really criticize the biggest movie in HISTORY)

    • I did not criticise the film…in fact I loved it. I criticised the mentality of the film where in 2010 men should not think the way men used to think in 1972. Also, it is a fact that men in history were sexist…so yes The Godfather is a sexist film, one cannot deny it. I mean the way the women were treated in those times are not the way women should be treated in 2010! That’s a fact. Even the fact that it is ‘a movie for men’ makes it sexist. It means women can’t watch it? Surely? I watched it and I loved the way it’s directed and the way it portrays a mafia family.

      • well .. at times liking is different than respecting :)….. and its what your problem is regarding this movie

        A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” (Don Corleone – The Godfather)

  2. Well, I do respect the way they used to think in those days. One has to respect history, no? There is a misunderstanding regarding my opinions about this film. I just quoted a sentence Vito Corleone said and wrote a blog on it. I didn’t write on other quotes such as the one mentioned above. So one cannot imply I agreed or not with the above quotation.

    • u cannot criticize something like that!

      • Well, tell me one thing which is positive in being a sexist since I don’t agree that women should be kept in houses cleaning, caring for babies and treated as sexual objects. I mean, during the film it’s clear that that was their mentality. Vito’s wife was always seen at home and Sonny was clearly treating his women as sex objects (one can notice this twice in the film). Also, at his daughter’s wedding, a friend of Vito told Vito himself that he hopes that his daughter bears a son not a daughter. Isn’t that sexist enough? I repeat once again that I am not criticising the film but the men’s mentality (to be precise). It was shown clearly enough in my post.

  3. so..basically its like going to church … why is it that no female priests ? but still you choose to go to church .. same thing … understand the background before criticizing … Vito’s wife was actually considered the pivot of the family from home …

  4. Clearly you have not understood my point of view and you keep changing argument. You still haven’t replied to my query above. In Godfather 1 it was not shown that Vito’s wife was the pivot…I think that you should show a bit of compassion. Anyways, I did not mention her role in the Mafia family but in her role as a wife.

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